Workflow Solutions

Capture & Distribution Solutions

Turn your existing Multi-function device into a “document portal” that can transform paper-intensive information and processes into efficient digital workflows. Through the seamless integration of hardware and software you’ll enjoy the benefits of streamlined document scanning, indexing and electronic document distribution.

Storage & Management Solutions

Address the needs of keeping track of both paper and digital files. These solutions deliver secure centralized electronic document storage with easy retrieval. Storage hardware, desktop software or on-demand service solutions address the costs, risks and physical storage constraints associated with paper filing.

Output & Security Solutions

Host/variable data printing, output cost reduction, printing charge-back for billing, high-volume output management, printer monitoring and IT device management tools, and solutions to output confidential documents and secure the data.

On-Demand Web Services

Fully managed SaaS software-as-a-service solutions, delivered via the Internet. These innovative solutions let you use a web browser to store, manage and share documents which can improve your document workflow without the need to buy servers or software.