Why is my computer printing so slow (Part 1)?

Computer printing slowSo, you got a new PC and it’s so much faster than your old computer. It even installed your Savin multifunction device! But why is my computer printing slow?

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is fast, light, and intuitive. But sometimes it doesn’t select the best driver for your printer. But don’t worry, here’s a quick guide to get your Savin printing up to speed. First, let’s find the correct driver for your device.

Open this link and click on Support and Downloads. This will take you to the Savin website. Now enter your Savin multi-function model and search for the print driver. Choose the driver for your operating system and download it to your computer. Saving it on the desktop is a good choice so you can find it later. Once it’s downloaded, double click the file to unpack it to a folder.

Now on to the next step!

In the search bar in Windows 10, search for printers and you’ll see Printers and Scanners. Click that and you’ll see all your installed printers. Find your Savin multi-function in the list, click it then choose manage. From there click on Printer Properties. Next go to the Advanced tab and click the New Driver button.

We’re almost done!

In the New Window, click Next then look for the Have Driver button. Click that then use the Browse button to navigate to your desktop where you saved the files in the first step. Many drivers work for more than one model so choose your model in the list and click Next. Next add any accessories like finishers or extra trays and set the printing to default to B/W or Color. Click the Test Print Page button on the General tab to make sure everything works. You’ll notice a difference in printing right away!

Good Job, you did it!

You may also want to check the second part in this series in the event you still have issues with the computer printing slow.

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