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Is It Time To Fire Your Inkjet Printer?

time to fire your inkjet printerYes, it’s time to fire your inkjet printer.

You’ve just clicked PRINT to send that really important document to your inkjet printer and it’s out of ink again! You run to the supply closet to grab another cartridge (the second one this month) and discover someone has already taken the last one!

This means another quick run to the office supply store to pick up more cartridges. At almost $50 per cartridge, you begin to realize this inexpensive inkjet printer is not so inexpensive after all.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s time to fire your inkjet printer. And here is why.

TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership, is your total cost during a printer’s lifetime. TCO is made up of the initial printer cost, the cost for toner, ink, or other supplies, and the cost to maintain or service.

Inkjet printers are generally cheaper to purchase, but they will end up costing you a fortune in ink or other supply cost. Laser printers can have a much larger initial cost but are very cost efficient to operate and maintain.

The most important factor to consider in a printer is cartridge price vs. cartridge life. A typical inkjet cartridge costing $45 has an expected yield of 500 pages. That gives a Cost per Page of 0.09!
The HP LaserJet Pro M402dn, one of our most popular models, has a high yield cartridge giving a Cost per Page of approx. 0.011

Your inkjet printer is costing you 9 times as much per page!

According to a recent study by HP, the average small business has a yearly page volume of 24,700 pages or a little over 2000 pages a month.

At 0.09 per page, you can expect to spend $180 a month on supplies alone for that inkjet printer. With an average life of  3 years, that comes to $6480.00
The average life expectancy of a laser printer is 5 years. At 0.011 per page, your 5 year cost for supplies for that laser printer is about $1320.00

It’s easy to see how the TCO of a laser printer is much lower than that of an inkjet printer.

Call us when you fire that inkjet. We have its replacement.

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