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Going Green. Is it really worth it?

going green‘Going Green’ has become a buzzword today. So much so that it’s hard to to know what it really means. Or, more to the point, is it really worth it for a small business to go green?

The answer is yes. Modern sustainability offers value to both the community and the small business. Value in terms of cultural benefits and reduced operating costs.

The cultural benefits of going green grow larger every day due to the increasing Millennial population in the workplace. Many customers want to see that you care about the local environment. A 2015 global online survey by Nielsen produced results showing that over 50 percent of the 30,000-plus respondents said they would be willing to pay extra for sustainable goods.

But the largest savings can come from workflow changes. Such as converting paper documents to digital copies where possible and using Cloud based storage solutions which allow access to every document on file within a few minutes. This not only enables faster data recovery in case of disaster but also streamlines the business workflow process. All of which adds up to savings.

One telecommunications company used output management and optimization practices to eliminate 111,904,878 printed sheets. Along with recycling 22,126 toner cartridges, it saved more than $1,000,000. Most small businesses don’t consume on the scale of a national telecom company. They do however tend to be more reliant on paper processes. This means that instituting similar solutions could have an even bigger proportional impact on total expenses. The cost benefits make output management appealing for all businesses, but the changes also support every day sustainability efforts.

Approximately half of private sector employment is made up of small business. This makes modern sustainability important to your community and to the world. The question is not ‘Is Going Green really worth it?’ The question is ‘How can I start?’

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of modern sustainability, download this guide to going green and learn how to make your business run smarter.

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