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Customer Service Done Right

Customer ServiceHow well do you know your Service Tech? Is he that ghost in the night that comes and goes without warning?

Or is he your ally, ensuring that your equipment is running when you need it. Does he take the time to talk to you and understand your needs? Will he go above and beyond your expectations to take care of your service needs?

As Operations Manager for Skillern’s Business Systems, I frequently look over our Customer’s feedback to surveys we send after every service call. The questions range from ease of placing a service call, whether the equipment was repaired properly, if the technician explained the problem/resolution, and on to the level of communication received. One Customer comment stood out as an example of how we take care of our Customers.

Steven is a great technician. He went above and beyond for us. He thought the part had to be ordered and it would be Tuesday before the parts would be in. He came back late on a Friday afternoon to bring us the part since it was in stock. He could have waited until Monday to return but he took the time to come back on Friday. That’s what I call a great employee that you have working for you. He cares about his customers and going above and beyond!

That last sentence ‘He cares about his customers and going above and beyond!’ is the embodiment of our Customer Service mission here at Skillern’s Business Systems. It’s not always about the technology or the procedure or the protocol. It’s about service.

Here at Skillern’s Business Systems, our mission is to take care of you.

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