Can Someone Hack My Printer?

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Security has become a big issue today, especially in the workplace. Computer passwords, locked server rooms; they all have become commonplace. But one area that is often overlooked is the printer or multi-function device.

Can someone hack my printer?

All anyone thinks about when it comes to printers is how much is my toner costing? How many pages am I running a month? How much is the maintenance? But the printer connects to the same network as your computers and server. And someone in your organization may print sensitive business information. Employee records. Health information. And other private data.

The challenges faced by your IT Department are many, including:

  • Controlling physical access to the company’s MFPs, not only by ensuring only employees can use them, but sometimes by limiting the devices a particular employee can access.
  • Ensuring groups and individuals can use only the MFP features appropriate for their roles and responsibilities.
  • Restricting who can open, print, and send electronic documents—email, PDFs, scans, and faxes—as well as how, where, and to whom they can be sent.
  • Securing paper documents to prevent them from being stolen, misplaced, or seen by the wrong person.
  • Protecting data stored on an MFP, such as user documents, device settings, and address books.
  • Determining who accessed which documents, when, and from which MFP, both to help guard against information leaks and to create an audit trail for compliance purposes.

How do you protect that information?

The good news is, you don’t have to manage printer security yourself. Or leave it to your already over-burdened IT Department. Ricoh has developed the security you need to protect all your documents.

For more information, download this Savin Security Overview whitepaper.

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