Is It Time To Fire Your Inkjet Printer?

Yes, it’s time to fire your inkjet printer. You’ve just clicked PRINT to send that really important document to your inkjet printer and it’s out of ink again! You run to the supply closet to grab another cartridge (the second one this month) and discover someone has already taken the last one! This means another.. [Read More…]

Going Green. Is it really worth it?

‘Going Green’ has become a buzzword today. So much so that it’s hard to to know what it really means. Or, more to the point, is it really worth it for a small business to go green? The answer is yes. Modern sustainability offers value to both the community and the small business. Value in.. [Read More…]

How To Choose the Best Copier for Your Business

Choosing the best copier for your business used to be easy. Many years ago, a copier was fairly simple. It made copies and that was it. Today’s multi-function copiers, or MFPs, not only copy, but they can print, scan, and fax as well. They also have the capability to sort, staple, and even fold documents... [Read More…]

Customer Service Done Right

How well do you know your Service Tech? Is he that ghost in the night that comes and goes without warning? Or is he your ally, ensuring that your equipment is running when you need it. Does he take the time to talk to you and understand your needs? Will he go above and beyond.. [Read More…]

Why is my computer printing so slow (Part 2)?

If you’ve already re-installed the correct print driver for your Savin multi-function but it still seems to be printing slow, these steps may be what you need to get your device printing up to speed. Windows 10 tries to do as much to make your computing life as easy as possible but on occasion may.. [Read More…]

Why is my computer printing so slow (Part 1)?

So, you got a new PC and it’s so much faster than your old computer. It even installed your Savin multifunction device! But why is my computer printing slow? Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is fast, light, and intuitive. But sometimes it doesn’t select the best driver for your printer. But don’t worry, here’s.. [Read More…]

Can Someone Hack My Printer?

Security has become a big issue today, especially in the workplace. Computer passwords, locked server rooms; they all have become commonplace. But one area that is often overlooked is the printer or multi-function device. Can someone hack my printer? All anyone thinks about when it comes to printers is how much is my toner costing?.. [Read More…]