Financing and Leasing


Skillerns Business Systems provides varied forms of financing for the machines and software we offer. Most companies do not want to use their working capital for office machines.

The terms of our leases are generally 36 to 60 months. Many IT managers prefer to have the flexibility to change products every 36 months. It makes the cost a little higher when you are on a shorter term of lease.

Our goal is to match your budget to your needs. More often than not, our customers select a longer term of lease that matches the depreciation schedule they would be using if they purchased the product. Most office machines, excluding computers, have a minimum depreciation period as set forth in the IRS code of 60 months.

Whatever the lease period you select, Skillerns Business Systems will guarantee the performance of that equipment for the life of the lease, assuming normal wear and tear. If it fails to perform, we will replace it for you at no charge.

Many of our customers have one payment for both the service and supplies and the equipment. We will set up your billing so that it is easy to read and comes on just one invoice every month.

Whether you opt for a free copier or printer and pay only for the copies, or you would like a conventional lease, we have the program for you. We will custom tailor it to your needs and to your budget.

If there is ever a question with your billing, We can help, just call our office.  You can call the same phone number that you call for service or customer support.

For easy-to-understand financing, highly competitive rates Skillerns Business Systems has the programs you need.